About Us

About Us

Who Are We

Vivien Moble, which makes a difference in furniture and decoration cases that add value to living spaces with its aesthetic visuality and superior quality, attracts attention with original designs in all its collections.

Vivien Moble, which creates concepts that make a difference by combining classical and modern lines in the concept of furniture, offers innovative solutions. Since 2001, when it started to operate in the furniture sector, our company, which has constantly renewed its product range and has improved its quality in parallel with its experience, offers its customers attractive opportunities.

Our company, which develops its dynamic structure within the framework of its trust and experience in the furniture sector, is constantly renewed and increases its brand value.

Our Mission

Being aware of our responsibilities to human and nature, to present our designs that add value to life to our valued customers. To be the architect of high quality, reliable solutions beyond dreams with the smart use of developing technology. Turning your ideas and dreams into action for you to enjoy life more.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading companies in the world that is respectful to the society and the environment. To enrich innovative ideas by stripping from the usual molds of the rapidly changing world. To take responsibility to provide employment by supporting the economy of our country. To instill the spirit of teaming with our suppliers and employees within the framework of good vision.

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